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INTRO Analytica
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What is INTRO Analytica?

INTRO Analytica is a patented Business Intelligence (BI) system that makes off-plan property market transparent and measurable.

Property Database in Blockchain

The database includes sales statistics for the off-plan property market; developers’ profiles and the list of under-construction properties with the floor plans.

Market Reports

The data is presented in the customized charts that allow for observing various market indexes: price index, supply-demand ratio, competition level, etc.

Investment Forecasts

The analysis of big data allows for forecasting property absorption rate, price dynamics, return on investment and other market trends.

Advanced BI-solutions

Complete data on property market

The market data is presented both in graphic charts and table view.

User-friendly interface

Interactive widgets display the statistics of off-plan property market in a chosen location.

Professional analytics

An analysis toolkit allows for examining the properties of interest.

Opportunities for Developers

  • Market overview

    List of companies, the project portfolio, investment plans (off-plan investment, project financing, etc.)

  • Competitive analysis for a local market

    Sales dynamics (for each company and consolidated), competitors’ shares in the off-plan property market, market segmentation, etc.

  • Sales & investment planning

    The data on real estate stock and absorption rate allows developers to accurately schedule new construction projects and estimate ROI.

Opportunities for other actors

Building companies

Building contractors can use our analysis toolkit for adjusting the business development plans (e.i., increase or decrease production capacity), find new markets & examine perspective construction sites.


Banks can use INTRO Analytica for mortgage market analysis & investment valuation for real estate and construction. Blockchain database of properties & company records (sales, construction volume, etc.) helps banks to underwrite developers.

Real estate agencies

Real estate brokers can scrutinize market insights such as effective demand, consumer preferences, sales & mortgage stats, etc. The analysis of real estate stock and price dynamics helps to carry out property investment.

Media and public organizations

INTRO Analytica can help data journalists and economic observers to prepare market reports & professionally cover news in construction / real estate field.

Business cases

Flatography solutions

INTRO Analytica helps developers to create a successful flatography for a new property. Our recommendations are based on the analysis of consumer preference and real estate stock at the target location.

Construction site evaluation

Our market monitoring allows for locating the most promising areas for property development. The evaluation of a construction site considers the market size and segmentation, price indexes, absorption rate and competition level. INTRO Analytica will help you to invest in profitable plots.

Market concentration

The database of INTRO Analytica includes all contracts for off-plan investment and, therefore, helps a company to understand its position in the market. Market players may use the data for the performance management, strategic marketing and M&A forecasts for the local market.

Subscription Plans

Individual subscription plans allow our customers select the analytic services they need. A basic package includes the following market indicators:

  • Sales Index
  • List of developers and under-construction properties
  • Developers’ passport (business record & portfolio)
  • Property passport (technical documentation & sales)
  • Property flatography
  • Off-plan property stock
  • Developers’ ratings
  • Off-plan properties comparison

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